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Business Systems Consulting is a network of experienced technology executives, offering consulting services in the areas listed below. [Click on a link to read more detail.]

We bring extensive technology experience in the following industries:

  • Construction – commercial and residential

  • Health care – providers (hospitals, clinics and physician practices) and payers (HMOs, MSOs and TPAs)

  • Manufacturing and distribution

  • Not for Profit – professional associations

  • Professional services – legal, accounting and engineering

  • Real Estate management – commercial, retail and residential

  • Transportation


Application Software Project Management  Sample projects include:

  • Successfully directed the selection, implementation planning and implementation of several IT systems for companies in a variety of industries. Focused on weaving the systems’ functionality into the operating culture of the company.

  • Solely developed and implemented an automated warehouse management system and an industrial engineering time study system for International Harvester.

  • Directed several residential developers in the implementation of a homebuilder’s system.

  • Directed the selection and implementation of an automated distribution system for a Los Angeles based movie distributing company.


Expert Witness and Litigation Support Services – sample project include:

  • Advisor to a trustee committee for a software firm in bankruptcy.

  • Expert witness services related to consulting standards in a lawsuit between a large health clinic and a technology systems provider.

  • Litigation support and expert witness services on behalf of the plaintiff in a lawsuit involving a video vendor against a NYSE traded company joint venture (JV) partner that failed to meet their contractual information technology (IT) application software obligations.

  • Advisor to a bankruptcy creditor regarding the asset value of an internally developed software system for a commercially printing company.


Interim Chief Information Officer (CIO) Services – sample projects include:

  • Functioned as a temporary Chief Information Officer (CIO) for a large New York Medicaid HMO. Quickly resolved major information technology (IT) resource issues. Also developed and implemented their health care automation strategy. Recruited and hired a replacement Chief Information Officer (CIO) after the problems were resolved and and systems were running smoothly.

  • Functioned as the operational Chief Information Officer (CIO) and directed a staff model HMO in improving their automation and operating procedures for clinical, back office and managed care functions.

  • Served as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for a national transportation company that acquired a $10 million company as a major operating division. Grew the firm to $35 million in one year prior to the use of any automated systems. Subsequently provided systems strategies and managed the implementation of automated systems, resulting in the firm’s becoming an operational leader in their industry.

  • Served as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in establishing an information technology (IT) department with applicable management and staffing for a NYSE traded retail marketing company. This included preparing an information technology (IT) department plan, directing the selection and implementation of applicable hardware, networking and software solutions.

  • Functioned as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in providing system technical support to a large international architectural engineering firm for 15 years. Advised the client of the need to move to a new modern system. Managed the requirements definition, software vendor selection and implementation of the new software.


Interim Software Company Management – sample projects include:

  • Assigned as the temporary Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for a Boston software company that was a division of a NYSE traded company. The holding company desired to turnaround the under-performing system division in preparation for a sale. In eight months the company became profitable with a positive cash flow. Bringing the company’s customer implementations under control resulted in an increased net cash value of open projects from $7,000 at the start of the assignment to $3.6 million when the company was sold, with another $2 million in sold but not-yet-started projects.


Information Technology (IT) Disaster Planning and Recovery Services – sample projects include:

  • Implemented disaster recovery plans for a Chicago staff-model health maintenance organization (HMO) after assisting with the implementation of HIPAA Privacy and Security Regulations.

  • Assisted a large Chicago based health maintenance organization (HMO) in developing its information technology (IT) disaster recovery plan

  • Assisted a small Indianapolis health maintenance organization (HMO) with initial consulting for a disaster recovery plan, after conducting the risk assessment and remediation tasks necessary for compliance with the HIPAA Final Security Regulations.


HIPAA Compliance – sample projects include:

  • Assisted IBM in developing and marketing their HIPAA Security consulting service products for small to medium sized health care customers. This included bringing together various HIPAA related security related services to provide a consolidated HIPAA security product.

  • Assisted large and small healthcare payers comply with HIPAA privacy, security, transaction format regulatory requirements.

  • Assisted a staff model health maintenance organization (HMO) in developing and implementing their HIPAA Privacy and Security compliance plans. This included developing their operational and technical disaster recovery plans.


Information Technology (IT) System Selection and Contract Negotiation – sample projects include:

  • Assisted a variety of healthcare providers (payers and providers) in the development and implementation of IT strategic plans, including vendor selection, contract negotiations and computer systems implementation project management.

  • Assisted engineering, legal and accounting professional service firms in the specification of their automation needs, including the creation of implementation plans, system selection and managing the system implementation.

  • Assisted commercial and residential construction firms in selecting and implementing computer software.

  • Developed and managed a software implementation and user training process for GEAC, a national residential construction software firm.

  • Assisted commercial, retail and residential real estate management firms in selecting and implementing computer software.


Technology Turnaround for Software Projects – sample projects include:

  • Managed a systems turnaround project for a large St. Louis catalog sales company experiencing a dysfunctional system implementation. Brought the project under control and successfully changed the project direction resulting in an effective solution and new project implementation meeting the company’s objectives.

  • Directed a distributor’s project team in reverting to the original legacy system following the company’s unsuccessful effort to upgrade to a new platform.

  • Directed a heavily paper driven transportation company convert from a manual system to a fully automated process.

  • Turnaround for a startup New York based health maintenance organization (HMO) experiencing a failed systems implementation. Developed and implemented plans for information technology (IT) infrastructure to support expected rapid growth.

  • Managed a multi-plant specialty precision stamping company project to resolve major information technology (IT) issues. Successfully completed the implementation of a stalled technology project.


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