Information Technology Software Project Management

Project Manager, Expert Witness, Litigation Support, Contract Negotiation, Interim CIO/CEO

Jim Wener, Technology Executive

James B. Wener, BSME, MBA
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Information technology project management.
Software consulting services include:

  • Software system selection
  • Information technology contract negotiation
  • Technology disaster planning and recovery
  • Technology turnaround for troubled projects
  • Expert witness for litigation support
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Interim Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Interim software company management

Cost-Effective IT Solutions
Client Focused … Integrity Based … Quality Oriented

Business Systems Consulting is the management systems consultant of choice for Fortune 500 companies, leading health care providers and others because clients receive:

  • Personalized service - the people you talk with are the people who do the work

  • Implementation success – timelines, tracking and reporting helps you meet your goals

  • Senior-level support – we do not use or train juniors on your project

  • Strong value – our senior management systems consultants identify key issues quickly

  • Reliability – you will meet your time commitments with our high quality services

  • Cost-effectiveness – we work efficiently to minimize your costs

The Advantage of Over 30 Years of Experience

We use only highly experienced, seasoned systems executives

Business Systems Consulting, a national group of technology executives and consultants with extensive experience in meeting small, mid-sized and large company automation needs, is directed by James Wener. We use only well-experienced professionals. We neither train nor use juniors on client projects.

We get to the heart of the problem quickly and define common project expectations

The experience and background of our management system consultants allows us to quickly understand a company’s business objectives and automation needs, assess the current problems, define realistic project objectives and develop and implement a cost effective solution in a minimal time frame. We focus on partnering with company management, staff, and vendors to define common project expectations as well as system’s use and project implementation success-defining metrics. All participants know what is expected and how a successful completion is defined.

We keep everyone in the loop regarding progress

Using these common expectations as a reference base, projects rapidly move to their successful conclusion. Ongoing project management communication between the project team, vendors, company management and operating staff keep everyone aware of the project progress towards common objectives. Problems are identified and addressed on a timely basis with all stakeholders understanding their contribution and the expected results.

We leave the client self-sufficient

We also understand and promote the importance of having a client’s internal resources self-sustaining upon project completion. We direct a project with the expectation that we will be concluding the project with the client management and staff being properly trained and capable of continuing on their own.

Our approach works for all industries

The partnership approach has been successful in providing management systems consulting services for companies in healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, professional services (legal, accounting and engineering), not-for-profit, real estate, construction, and transportation industries.

Efficient, effective and empowered solutions

Our partnership-oriented approach ensures that client expectations are met in the most cost effective way and are internally sustainable.

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